What makes us different?

With 70 years of experience, leaders in the educational vanguard and certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB), Instituto La Paz is recognized as one of the best multicultural schools in Mexico.

Students of Instituto La Paz starting from 2nd grade will be certified by the University of Cambridge with an internationally Recognized exam.

We are the only institution at secondary level where students can obtain a CAE (CAMBRIDGE ADVANCE ENGLISH) certification.

From sixth grade, French is taught allowing our students to take the DELF A1 and A2 certification. 

We run an international exchange program with different countries such as: United States, India, Australia, to mention just a few. Experience in this shared coexistence between children of different nationalities, nourishes the healthy development of their personality, as well as their understanding of other languages.

Students of Instituto La Paz acquire foundations in programming that will provide them a clear understanding of new technologies.

We have more than 20 after school activities, shuttle service, dining room and directed tasks until 19:00 hrs. We participate in national and international events and tournaments including the World School Performance Cheer Championship, The Magical Championship of the World, Jr. NBA and School Games to name a few, as well as sports exchanges with various institutions around the country. This allows parents to fulfill their work, professional and personal commitments, as their children are in a safe and caring environment outside of class hours.

By having groups of 25-30 students in primary and secondary, a maximum of 28 students in kindergarten and 16 students in maternal, we are able to provide a truly authentic learning environment.

As one of the institutions with the greatest of prestige and recognition in the country for its contributions in the avant-garde towards educational work as well as for the development of men and women recognized for their work for the development of the nation.


To be an Educational Institution that helps formulate men and women with positive characteristics and values, whilst being promoters of development within society.

1.- Humanist philosophy as the elementary principle of knowledge.

2.- Comprehensive training aimed at individual realization.

3.- Advancement of an individual improvement activity focused on solidarity purposes.

4.- Productive atmosphere of participation and group work.

5.- Interaction in teaching and learning processes.

6.- The family and the school share the momentous task of forming worthy and responsible individuals.

7.- Commitment to the citizen and the conservation of the environment, through the formation of a deep ecological culture.

8.- Respect for our traditions, identity and national values, which are a fundamental part of Mexico’s cultural heritage.

9.- Adequacy and convergence with regard to the social norms that govern our collective, in the understanding of the advantages offered by a healthy coexistence.

10.- We mean to frame people focused on the fate of the country. Commendable residents who, in affection for their country, embrace the productive work of building the significance of Mexico.

“We are backed by more than seven decades of experience and 7500graduates.”

The curriculum is aimed at students acquiring skills in the management of ICT’S (Information and Communication Technology) technology, according to their degree of study. It is based on activities that link technological development with academic projects and encourages students to use the computer as a tool to research, create, share and think.

We have a language lab equipped with state-of-the-art software to strengthen the hearing and oral skills of our elementary and secondary school students.

An important aspect to achieve the objectives in our Institution is the constant training of teachers, managers and administrative staff, who attend courses, seminars and / or diplomas by the Institute or from external sources.

We encourage and help satisfy children’s natural curiosity based on play, observation, material handling, interaction and communication, in a warm and comfortable environment.

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We encourage children’s curiosity through games and dynamics with the aim of creating a bilingual educational foundation.

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We encourage understanding of concepts, acquiring knowledge and developing skills in a transdisciplinary way that will form happy, social and autonomous people

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We encourage the development of skills, their personal understanding, their perception of themselves and their responsibility in the community; preparing responsible, assertive and respectful people.

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Our graduates have scholarships to academic merit by The Tecnológico de Monterrey and direct passes to La Salle, UNITEC and UVM, in addition they have access to scholarships from these and other educational institutes.

At Instituto La Paz we believe in the importance of promoting a Positive Education for the development of strengths, virtues and competencies, which, together with our welfare program, trains our students to be able to serve both local and global communities.

An example of these leadership qualities can be demonstrated throug Global SenMexMun, which is an initiative created by our alumni, with the aim of raising awareness of early childhood education and inviting the authorities to make the necessary adaptations to the General Law of Education in Mexico so that the Model of the United Nations program is included in the curriculum. Instituto La Paz continues to work with international educational companies such as the International Baccalaureate, English Cambridge Schools, Scholastic, Houston Public Library, International School to School   Experience; charities and many leaders within the field of education to always be at the forefront of educational development.

“For the Greatness of Being and Transcending”