Our students use technology and different languages ​​including Spanish, English and French to argue, debate, explain and apply knowledge on local and global issues such as sustainability, government, the economy, space, communications, social goals and health.

They develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills within a framework of core values ​​such as respect, honesty, and responsibility.

Students have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge and to demonstrate an International Mind, by assuming the role of diplomats representing different nations in a simulation of the sessions held by the United Nations (UN) – Model of the United Nations (PAZMUN) and (GlobalSenMexMun).

They participate on research projects in different disciplines, as well as promoting entrepreneurship, which encourages their development as independent and creative students, thus demonstrating what they have learned as they progress through the school program, which allows for the continued contribution to the preparation of our students for their higher educational needs whilst leading to the prosperous world of work and their continued interest to learn and inspire.

They are internationally minded and through the education we provide, they acquire the necessary tools to face the global challenges that our society is experiencing.

The official program of the Ministry of Public Education is the guiding axis at the national level.

At Instituto La Paz we expand and deepen it through inquiry, exploring great ideas of local and world interest through the global contexts of the program.

Teaching-learning strategies are oriented to the development of concepts, knowledge and skills, to encourage positive attitudes that lead students to generate responsible actions, greater awareness of their environment and their relationship within it.