We manage a Cultural Exchange program with different countries including, Germany, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, France, Greece, Hungary, India, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, to mention just a few.

The exchange consists of sending our students (with teachers) to one of the member countries of I.S.S.E (International School to School Experience). They are received by different families and attend the school daily during their stay, afterwards the delegation that received them visits us. Students from 6th grade of primary and secondary participate in the exchange program.


We have foreign travel programs designed for promoting core characteristics and values of the students, whilst developing independence, maturity and self-confidence. They interact with the local community thus enabling them to have a greater understanding of other cultures around the globe.

Nothing compares to the experiences you get on a trip abroad, it is a practice that enriches your way of seeing life and the world.


During the summer vacation, camps are held in Canada and the United States. The objective of these camps is to practice and use the English or French language, as well as developing social interaction skills with children and young people from different countries. Students stay at comfortable university campuses and get to know the wonderful sights and sounds of these countries.

This activity is optional from 3rd grade of primary to 3rd grade of Secondary.