We promote collaborative work to stimulate the personal and social growth of our students, so that they can learn to socialize and share knowledge, spaces, resources and ideas. They develop positive attitudes such as respect, tolerance, integrity, independence, empathy, cooperation, enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment.

They are internationally minded and through the education we provide, they acquire the necessary tools to face the global challenges that our society is experiencing.

The official program of the Secretary of Public Education is the guiding axis at the national level, whilst at the school we expand and enhance it through inquiry, exploring great ideas of local and global interest in the context of the transdisciplinary themes of the School Program in Primary (PEP).

Teaching-learning experiences are oriented to the development of concepts, knowledge and skills, to encourage positive attitudes that lead students to generate responsible actions, whilst growing their awareness around the environment and building relationships within it, thus leading to an attitude of becoming principled through their service skills.